About Us

We are a bunch of people who are highly passionate about technology and its impact on the lives of common people
As expats based out of UAE and being regular remitters ourselves, we found that the remittance market is too scattered and unorganized to the detriment of the remitter. Remitters have to manually search for the best exchange rate that is quite time-consuming and often impractical. Another glaring gap in the market was the need to physically visit the branch of an exchange house to do the transaction. Inevitably, the remitter would miss out on great remit rates.
And that's what led to the creation of RemitGulf


At RemitGulf, we intend to change the remittance market for the benefit of the customer by providing them with an automated rate searching service that would compare the rates offered by various providers. One can even choose the best rate and do the transfer online thereby avoiding that dreaded visit to the exchange house. We offer quick, secure and cost-effective services for international money transfer 
It is our passion to help remitters get the most out of their hard-earned money
We welcome you to RemitGulf and invite you to take advantage of our services 
Happy Remitting!! 


Our vision is to become the remittance provider of choice to the majority of expat population in the Gulf region. We intend to leverage the power of technology to provide a range of choices to our customers. We also aim to uplift the overall exchange business by collaborating with small and medium exchange houses. Choice & Convenience to customers is our motto & we live by it


At RemitGulf, our mission is to improve the remittance process in the UAE and the broader Gulf region. We strive to provide the highest quality service to our customers thereby enhancing our value proposition. Honesty & Integrity in business is one of our core values so we function with complete transparency and follow strictly ethical practices


Gaurav is responsible for keeping the cogs turning and the engine running. He drives the overall vision and company strategy and is responsible for business growth and expansion. 
Gaurav has over 10 years of experience in the FinTech industry in Treasury and Global markets space across major banks. He likes to spend his weekend watching movies, reading and playing with his son.

 Snehal has experience of around 10 years  in banking operations

 Snehal has spear headed Branch Operations, Customer Relationship Management, Audit & Compliance, training  and Team Management functions  in large banks